Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Christmas Miracle


So today is Christmas Eve and although I may have not checked every item off of my to-do list, I am feeling EXTREMELY BLESSED TODAY, This Christmas was nothing short of miraculous . This summer my husband ( the breadwinner) lost his job, I started my coaching business due to my job downsizing  and... well life was rough. although things were really tough, My marriage grew closer, my children had more quality time with me and doing well in school, and I have been successful with launching online coaching business.Not only that my ministry is growing stronger and I am planning to teach a summer intensive in 2016. Just the other day,  I went to make a payment on my lay-away ONLY TO FIND THAT SOMEONE FROM THE ANGEL PROGRAM PAID IT many blessings have happened within the last couple of months - it ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SHORT OF MIRACULOUS.

Why should you care ? Well, one of my clients was just telling me how so many people are really suffering all around her. I too, am hearing stories of how people are having a really hard time. Christmas is SOOOOOOOOOO  not about what you can buy it's about what you can give. So this is why I had to GIVE this message to you today. If you are having a really hard time and finding that the stress in your life out-weightS the joy of the holiday season. I'm here to remind you that it gets better. Life comes with ups and downs, but whatever it is...IT GETS BETTER. MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN.  I wanted to be THAT person to remind you of that today. If you are finding hard to get on track with your fitness goal.- sign up of a complementary session  to get back on track.  Join my FREE online coaching page for inspiration , motivation and support. HAVE A VERY BLESSED CHRISTMAS.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Bring YOUR Faith to the Table

Okay we have survived thanksgiving and secretly trying to recover from all of the food and feelings of STILL FEELING STUFFED. As we make our way back to our fitness routine, perhaps you are already dreading the Christmas parties, the treats  that the kids bring home from school and all of the dinners you are already invited to in the next few weeks. I know how you feel. It seems as if they is a secret mission enforced as soon as you commit to being fit. Although, you may take it as a sign to "start on Monday", let me assure you that there will always be a reason to start later or an "easy to access" excuse to try getting fit after the holidays - After all it a NEW YEAR.  However, you must decide that enough is enough and say that TODAY IS THE DAY that you will turn your life around. If you can believe that Faith has power to turn your situation around, can't that same faith help you push the plate away. After all, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence not seen...( Hebrews 11:1). You may not see the weight fall off in a week, but you must use your faith as a vehicle to move you forward BEFORE YOU SEE THE CHANGE IN YOUR BODY. You must bring your faith to the table. What does  that mean, you ask ? Bringing your faith to the table involves what I like to call "mind-speak". You have to tell yourself that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and that you are going to make decisions that point towards that truth. Your faith can help you feel satisfied, when you would normally go for seconds. Faith can point out your 'triggers" so you can avoid the urge to eat when you are really not hungry. Your Faith, my friend can help you have self- control as it relates to food. So during this holiday Season, bring your Faith to the Table and reap the reward of enjoying the Holidays with ZERO GUILT.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Does Faith Belong In Fitness

 I believe many times we fail at our fitness goals because we fail to connect with ourselves holistically.We Live in a body, we have a soul and we are a spirit .I've realized that we have to connect fitness on a holistic level in order to see lasting transformation. Any body can do a push up yes, but if you don't BELIEVE YOU CAN GET FIT... YOU WONT. Your body's physical ability is only a piece of the puzzle. For example you soul houses you memories and if you have a dark past- you may struggle with  believing the possibilities. For example, as a woman who has been and seen abusive relationships,I knew healthy love was real, but not sure If I could have it. So one of my struggles when I met my husband was that I didn't even know what to do with the way he loved me. I had to be transformed inside first before I could receive true love. the same is true with anything we do. TRANSFORMATION HAPPENS INSIDE FIRST BEFORE YOU SEE THE RESULTS.

How do we achieve our fitness goals when we haven't had it modeled in our lives. Perhaps you come from a family where healthy lifestyles are not modeled, You have to first build a new circle of friends who can support you on your fitness journey.Feel free to join my online BFit community -IT'S FREE- to get tips support and motivation that can help you reach your personal fitness goals. This does not mean you get rid or your other circles, just don't expect support from people who have not modeled what you are trying to accomplish.

Next you want to start with 1 obvious bad habit that you may have like skipping breakfast or eating late at night. Start to work on that one habit and after you have mastered it, then go to the next one. If you tackle too much too soon it so overwhelming and frustration could set in.

Lastly, get help from a coach or trainer to help you set realistic fitness goals that fit your lifestyle. You will need to have a plan in order to reach your goal, otherwise you will find yourself all over the place with little or no results. coaches and trainers are there to hold you accountable and provide professional advice to help you safely reach your fitness goals. Living healthy is  wealthy living invest in yourself and reap the rewards.

Remember that fitness is a journey you may not get there tomorrow , but with determination, you will arrive at your destination. Until next time... blessings.