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Habits that Make You Gain Weight FAST

Eating Less Doesn't mean Skipping Meals

Eating less means eating smaller portions at each meal. We eat nearly 3 times as much as we did 20 years ago.This means we should give  our mothers a break when the made  us "finish our food" .too many calories at one time is too much for our bodies to break down at one time, so the over abundance of food is then stored as fat. This habit is one of the causes of diabetes( a preventative disease) in many cases. Start getting healthier, by simply changing the size of your plate.

Living the Sweet Life

I'm simply in awe of the fact that sugar has not been deemed ILLEGAL. Although the taste is so yummy it is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.  If you look at many of the boxed foods you will notice sugar to be included in the ingredient list. this is beneficial to the food companies, because if you want more all you have to do is go buy more...hummm. Sugar stimulates your brain like a drug would. You enjoy the taste, the rush, you crash, then you want more. Not only do you want more , but you want more of it.Then if you are trying to live a healthier life, you may even start to feel guilty or like you've failed because you keep EATING THOSE COOKIES, Although you bought the cookies, store bought snacks are made with an  "additive recipe."

The Convenient Food

Pre-packaged foods are PACKED with lots of sodium and other preservatives that has an affect on your body. Studies are now making claims that eating too much of this food , may even cause cancer. foods that are overtly- processed is like putting a foreign object in our digestive system and hoping will treat it as food. Although our bodies are beautiful creations, when we feed it ANYTHING is not ideal. It was created to function  so you can live out your purpose. Love your body - feed it nourishing foods that heal and strengthen.

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Till next your body- Love your life and those who are sharing life with you...blessings.


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