Thursday, April 21, 2016

Weight Loss Recipes | Delicious Blueberry Gluten- Free Pancakes

This recipe is super- duper easy. the ingredients you see in the picture is ALL YOU NEED, with the exception of water... see, I told you it was easy.

Here are the ingredients you will need to make this recipe:

  • 3/4 cup Brown rice flour
  • 1/3 blueberries
  • 1/4 cup Non- fat Greek Yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons Chia Seeds
  • 1 cup water/ almond milk or milk of choice

I lightly coated my griddle with coconut oil, to cook the pancakes. This recipe is incredibly yummy - it's hard to believe that they are good for you. don't believe me, try this recipe and let me know what you think. For more creative and clean eating recipes sign up for my newsletters and get new recipes straight to your inbox.. Connect with me on  and share with me your favorite are your favorite breakfast recipes ? Need help getting to your fitness goals- book a FREE DISCOVERY  SESSION with me today and let me show you how  my coaching can  help you  get there. Food doesn't have to be boring to be healthy- contact me today to get started.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Motivational Monday | How to Achieve to Your Goal

Ever noticed the moment you decide to improve your life in any way- you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a struggle ? 
When the struggle is real in your life how do you  get to your goal? I have noticed this  in my personal life and in the live of many of the people that I have helped to transform their lives with my coaching.

Your goal/ vision is something you began to see in your mind - this is usually what get you excited: you can see the weight loss, or the new business, or relationship... but how do you get there? You need action steps ( a plan to get there) this is easier when partnered with someone who has the knowledge of how to get to your goal in less time. Here are 3 action steps to help you get there:

Renew the mind:
began to look at habits that no longer serve you on the level that you are going, then adapt new habits that you will need to get to your desired goal.

Take Action:
Implement the things you need to do to get there - enlist a coach, take that class, join a community of like-minded people who are GOING where you are.

Clear your Path
This can be one of the hardest things to do.In order to clear your way, you have to untie your self from schedules, routines, environments and people that block access to your way. this doesn't have to mean that those things were bad- however "fruit" out of season can make you sick. Anything operating out of its season is not effective.This is necessary so that you are not putting your energy that are supposed to "dry up" in this season.

If you'd like to know how I can assist you in your "goal-getting", book a discovery session with me today. I'd love to work with you.

What do you find to be most difficult when you are trying to go higher ? Connect with me , and share your thoughts about this post. Until next time- blessings.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Drink This and Lose Inches

Lemon water is not just refreshing, but it has proven health benefits as well. I drink lemon water daily and I am a witness that I love the way I feel . I feel more energy, clear in focus, and healthier. I want to share this with you today , so that you to- can reap the benefits of  this refreshingly healthy drink.

Cleanses your Body
The acidity in lemon water mimics that of stomach acid ( if you've had morning sickness you know what stomach acid tastes like). Stomach acid helps to break down food - which is necessary for providing energy to the body. This lemon water tonic encourages the body to produce bile and cleanses the liver. This is important for losing weight.

Boosts  Immunity
Lemons have vitamin C which is like a superhero to our immune system. Vitamin C helps to fight free radical  damage. Free radical damage is  like rust- it breaks down our bodies . Environmental elements, stress, life, hectic work schedule we can't avoid it. Drinking lemon water  can help reduce free-radical damage

Radiant Skin

 I  can attest to the fact that some of glow is from the love of my family and friends. However, some of it comes from drinking lemon water. When I have had a hectic week, and I am not home and can't do it- is notice that my skin is not as radiant.Lemon water is my secret weapon .

De-Bloat Your Belly
Now, If you are like me and you go out with friends, family or those late business meetings and you feel bloated for a few days, then "de-bloating" is another benefit. Drinking lemon - water is a mild diuretic and helps to rid the body of water retention . This can help you feel more comfortable in your clothes.

Have your tried lemon water lately? Do you notice the difference ? Connect with me on IG  or join my FREE Weight loss circle  to connect with a community of like-minded people who want to live a healthier lifestyle.Stop by and say hi- I 'd love to have you join us.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How To Find Peace in Your Storm

Generally speaking, "peace" and "storm" are usually not seen as BFFs. I mean after all, they are not even similar - or are they? I would actually say that peace and storms are twins. I think they are twin because they show up at the same time, Now,before we go further, let me be clear - I AM NOT A ROBOT... but I have gotten so tired of being tired and rendered powerless from every storm that blows my way. The more I hold on to my peace , that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7), the more I gain strength to weather my storms.

The key to finding peace in the midst of the storm is not forgetting who you are. The understanding of who you are is the anchor that keeps you grounded EVEN WHEN EVERYTHING around is shaken. I've learned in my own personal life that  I had to be authentic ESPECIALLY during the most devastating storms times. The storm left me with two decisions ; fight with who I am or who people say I am. Have you ever been there?

If Jesus is Lord of my life then He is the ANSWER for everything I have in my life ; and because He is the answer, He is able to manifest it in my life as he chooses. My ability to be authentic puts me in position to receive my blessing. We hear the saying," fake it, till you make it." That is so not the way to go through life - faking it...really? I recommend BEING WHAT YOU HEAR. If faith comes by hearing ( Romans 10:17), In order to hear you have to be in communication with the Lord.- it's lifestyle. It is at that time when you have to believe what He has said about you and walk in the truth of who you are... the essence of worship- it is giving your body as a living sacrifice .

LaTonya Baruc Worship Minister

When my life is my expression of worship, I am made steady in the Lord and fit to weather my storm.  As a transformation coach , I can  tell you that  it was the storms the made me who I am today.  I am better, stronger, wiser, and not easily shaken- because I know who I am. Now when the storms  hit my land- I've learned I just need to touch heaven with my worship.

 Connect with me  and tell me how do you get through those hard times? If you are finding yourself stuck in a rut and not sure how to get out. My coaching can help you uncover your strengths and move past the barriers and walk into your destiny. Email me today to set up a discovery session. If you would like to invite me to come speak/ minister at your women's conference/ event/ workshop Until next time - blessings.