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Drink This and Lose Inches

Lemon water is not just refreshing, but it has proven health benefits as well. I drink lemon water daily and I am a witness that I love the way I feel . I feel more energy, clear in focus, and healthier. I want to share this with you today , so that you to- can reap the benefits of  this refreshingly healthy drink.

Cleanses your Body
The acidity in lemon water mimics that of stomach acid ( if you've had morning sickness you know what stomach acid tastes like). Stomach acid helps to break down food - which is necessary for providing energy to the body. This lemon water tonic encourages the body to produce bile and cleanses the liver. This is important for losing weight.

Boosts  Immunity
Lemons have vitamin C which is like a superhero to our immune system. Vitamin C helps to fight free radical  damage. Free radical damage is  like rust- it breaks down our bodies . Environmental elements, stress, life, hectic work schedule we can't avoid it. Drinking lemon water  can help reduce free-radical damage

Radiant Skin

 I  can attest to the fact that some of glow is from the love of my family and friends. However, some of it comes from drinking lemon water. When I have had a hectic week, and I am not home and can't do it- is notice that my skin is not as radiant.Lemon water is my secret weapon .

De-Bloat Your Belly
Now, If you are like me and you go out with friends, family or those late business meetings and you feel bloated for a few days, then "de-bloating" is another benefit. Drinking lemon - water is a mild diuretic and helps to rid the body of water retention . This can help you feel more comfortable in your clothes.

Have your tried lemon water lately? Do you notice the difference ? Connect with me on IG  or join my FREE Weight loss circle  to connect with a community of like-minded people who want to live a healthier lifestyle.Stop by and say hi- I 'd love to have you join us.


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