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Fall Fitness Challenge

This workout is a great way to tighten up your whole body in a lot less time than some fitness routines. In my 14 years of training , I am a witness that it is definitely about the effort you put into the workout that makes the difference. Here's my challenge for you this month... try this workout 2-3 times / week with  at least 30 minutes of 2-3 cardio sessions. YOU MUST DO IT IN AN  HOUR.. This means your workout should  be 5 rounds or 20 minutes with 30 minutes of cardio after. Chart your progress and connect with me to tell me your progress.  If you would like to enlist in my online fitness coaching email me  for more info. Remember to LOVE YOUR BODIES: eat clean , hydrate ,and rest - so you can go hard again. Okay let go... until next time ... blessings. 


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