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3 Easy Tricks to Get Healthier this Year

Okay, Okay, Okay.... I know . It's time to come up with those New Years Resolutions and you are feeling a bit hesitant because you didn't succeed last year. Let me assure you, many of us fail at our goal for two simple reasons... lack of planning or being ill- prepared for the shift. This is why accountability  is so  important, even after you have achieved your fitness goal. Think about it, anyone can start a diet that's not the problem, the problem is HOW TO GET LASTING RESULTS. The motivation is somewhat easy, the snug fit of your jeans or the doctor telling you , you need to make changes can truly be enough to create a desire to change...BUT HOW ?   Today, I want to share 3 easy things you can do this week to help you get healthier this year.

1. Go Green

I know that we are busy and there never seems to be enough time in  day to get everything check off of you "to-do" list. However, this is why green smoothies are fabulous for getting you veggies and fruits in and you can even make them portable and bring them with you to work or to those after-school practices. Green smoothies are full of nutrients so you will feel more energy and not be ravenous at dinner time.

 2. Go Nuts

Nuts are a great way to snack because the too are a "take anywhere food". They taste great alone or added to salads, yogurt, smoothies and milled into a flour. I love to coat my fish in almond flour and baked to add a crispy texture . this is a great alternative to fried fish.. Almonds are also great for skin and hair .Studies have even shown that people who ate nuts enjoy a benefits of a  healthier lifestyle.

3 Go Get Some Shut- Eye

 Again getting more sleep may seem to be impossible , especially if you have a really hectic schedule. so might I just remind you that you human and NOT A ROBOT. Trust me I know, I am a mom of 5 kids, a wife, active in my church, and entrepreneur and well ... human. I have had to learn to prioritize . It was through my struggling with FEELING FRUSTRATED AND UNPRODUCTIVE  that I had to learn to use my limited time wisely. I make it a priority to get sleep, because I am more productive, more focused,and  a much better- whatever hat I have to wear for that day. I have to go to bed earlier to get up earlier. Getting more sleep helps to rejuvenate your body and your brain. Studies have shown that not enough sleep  throws your whole body off. In fact, ever notice how when you don't get enough sleep you want mare carbs? Of course you want more carbs because your body is already tired and trying to eat SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR to wake up. getting more sleep can help reduce belly fat, by relieving stress.

So lets chat, what habits will you focus on to get on track for a healthier new year ? Need help - join MY BFIT COACHING CLUB or tag me on Instagram to share your fitness with me #BFIT.


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