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Weight Loss Hacks | Look Better in Your Clothes in 14 Days

I know by now you've heard it takes 21 days to create/ change a habit. I can 't tell you how many times this topic creeps up into my training sessions. I say yes ! it does take 21 days, BUT it takes another 21 days to began to master this habit. That means the become comfortable with moment you start that diet... it's very likely that it will take you  ANOTHER three weeks to become comfortable with your new diet.,THEN another 21 DAYS TO MASTER THE HABIT. So before you go buy that organic wheat grass - Download my FREE belly-fat torching meal plan and feel better in your clothes. in less time .Not convinced... Keep reading and see for yourself, what my meal plan can do in a few short days.

July 24th after going out to dinner with family. how bloated ( the roundness in the abs). This is what happens many times after consuming a few meals out at your local chain restaurants.  Every body is different - this particular evening  I shared a meal with my husband and dessert( extra sodium and processed food, and not  the healthy carbs.

This pic was taken on August 3rd( same clothes), but there is a dramatic difference...see the change in the abs . Not even two weeks later. As a matter of fact , my scale was 4 lbs heavier than usual. This just goes to show that all weight is not created equal.

Now that you see the difference... here's how you can look better in your clothes with going on crazy diets and grueling  hours of exercise. Ready....? Let do this !

1. Drink more water!. I know that you are retaining water , but not enough water just slows down the progress. In order to "move things along" drink more water to speed process.

2. Get back to eating healthier ( homemade) meal options.  and get some meal prep done while you are  at home for a few hours. Believe me - you can make several days in one cooking session.

3. Nix the pre-made food.. They are higher in sodium, although they may not have that many calories.Add healthy snacks like yogurt, fruit,or nuts to your day.

4. Walk it off. Find some time during your day to go for a walk. Walking is not only good for your mind, but also helps you to burn more body fat- especially in the belly.

5. Get some fiber! Foods like apples, multi-grain bread, Chia seed, and steel cut oats also help to remove the bloat.

Download my 14 day Sample Meal Plan -Just for YOU


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