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Top Three Reasons People Fail at Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief weight loss is NOT just about counting calories. If I stood on a platform all day, I would still fail at emphasizing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss is the result of burning calories, and although caloric restriction CAN ENCOURAGE WEIGHT LOSS... it's not that simple.The weight loss industry ( yeah, I know there is actually an industry) pulls on your desire to lose weight by promising quick fixes that you can't maintain and in many cases- not healthy.

I have 15 years in the fitness industry and in my years on training and coaching, I have come up with 3 TOP REASONS why people fail at losing weight. So if you are  ready, here we go.

Setting Unrealistic Goals 

If you have over 20 lbs to lose, you may be thinking of how long it may take to lose the weight and feel overwhelmed. As a result, you began to place  unrealistic expectations on your fitness goals :this can further cause you to overdo it in the gym or under-do it in your nutrition. Instead of looking at how long it would take to reach your fitness goal- make small milestones along the way. For example, If your goal was to lose 50 lbs, Set benchmarks every 3 months. the average women loses 2 lbs /week. In this example,in 3 months you could possible lose 24 lbs. This would mean that you are halfway to your goal. This strategy can actually keep you motivated and not feel overwhelmed.

Build Your Circle

Oftentimes, our unhealthy habits are similar to the people in our circle. This can sometimes become a problem, because your current " circle" has now deemed you as an outsider. Now , don't get me wrong... family and friends should remain in your circle, but you have to now build another circle of people who are trying to live healthier lifestyles. It is not fair to try to convince your friends and family to live a certain way, just because you've had an epiphany . When you build your "fitness circle", they help to keep you motivated; hold you accountable; and give you an idea of what being fit "lives" like. Believe it or not something as simple as packing a lunch for the week may seem foreign for others who order out everyday.

Learn to Love YOUR body

Love is such a powerful powerful, I think oftentimes we don't even know how to really love. Love is a choice- it is an action word. It is NOT based on feelings, expensive gifts, or everything going right in your life. It is a choice to do so EVEN  when everything around is is crazy. For example, did you ever commit to eating healthy only on good days ? Perhaps you made a commitment to eat unhealthy on stressful days... do you get where I am going with this? Eating healthy and working our is a choice to live that way. It does not mean that you won't treat yourself, or that you won't miss a workout
. It means that you have decided that living unhealthy is no longer satisfying to to and you seek healthy and wellness through the means of living a fit lifestyle.  I made my decision to live fit at 11 years old ( I, know- but fitness is who I am).. Have your committed to live a healthy lifestyle... that is LOVING your body. Loving your body is a daily decision to care for the one body you will ever have.

So there you have it. Please share this post with your friends and let's get the discussion going...what habits would you say has/is keeping you for losing weight?


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