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A Christmas Miracle


So today is Christmas Eve and although I may have not checked every item off of my to-do list, I am feeling EXTREMELY BLESSED TODAY, This Christmas was nothing short of miraculous . This summer my husband ( the breadwinner) lost his job, I started my coaching business due to my job downsizing  and... well life was rough. although things were really tough, My marriage grew closer, my children had more quality time with me and doing well in school, and I have been successful with launching online coaching business.Not only that my ministry is growing stronger and I am planning to teach a summer intensive in 2016. Just the other day,  I went to make a payment on my lay-away ONLY TO FIND THAT SOMEONE FROM THE ANGEL PROGRAM PAID IT many blessings have happened within the last couple of months - it ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SHORT OF MIRACULOUS.

Why should you care ? Well, one of my clients was just telling me how so many people are really suffering all around her. I too, am hearing stories of how people are having a really hard time. Christmas is SOOOOOOOOOO  not about what you can buy it's about what you can give. So this is why I had to GIVE this message to you today. If you are having a really hard time and finding that the stress in your life out-weightS the joy of the holiday season. I'm here to remind you that it gets better. Life comes with ups and downs, but whatever it is...IT GETS BETTER. MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN.  I wanted to be THAT person to remind you of that today. If you are finding hard to get on track with your fitness goal.- sign up of a complementary session  to get back on track.  Join my FREE online coaching page for inspiration , motivation and support. HAVE A VERY BLESSED CHRISTMAS.


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