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4 Easy Ways to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Whew, I don't know  about you, but my summer was crazy busy... You've probably noticed I wasn't blogging as much during the summer. With the kids home ,work, family, friends, ministry...I  was very limited with my FREE TIME. If your life is anything like mine, this is probably a good time to start getting back into a routine and  working on those fitness goals  again.So today, I want to share a few easy things you can do to  finally get results  this fall season.

1. Prep to Win 

Well- balanced meal for ideal weight loss

Meal prep, plan your meals ahead of time to help keep your cravings at bay. Prepare well- balanced meals that suit your fitness goals and your budget. Sign up for my recipe of the month club for my latest clean-eating recipes to keep you inspired and on track with your fitness goals.

2. Find Your Tribe
Joining a fitness community can improve your  results

 Community is key for staying on track and motivation.. finding your tribe means finding one that YOU connect with and one that keeps you engaged and inspired.

3. Get your Groove On
Lifting weight can give tone and shape to a woman's body

3.Whether it's hiking, Zumba, bowling or running. Find an activity that you can get excited about and enjoying doing- EVEN after a long day. Fitness fads are just tat. You want to participate in activities that you look forward to going to  and investing you hard earned energy in :-)

Be Realistic

fitness inspiration

4.A fit lifestyle lasts a lifetime. There will be peaks and valleys, but is all a part of the journey. Stick with it - hard work pays off. If you live a busy life so so many of us do, try committing a few days in the gym, then include some family/ friend activities where you can be social and get fit at the same time.

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Until next time blessings!!!


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