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Lose 10 lbs By Spring | Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

As a fitness pro of 18 years now- I have witnessed a terrible trend . I have to admit that it has been such a frustration for me- that I felt compelled to COACHING as many people as I could into a healthier lifestyle as well. Weight loss has become such a struggle for many of us - it's not fair that weight loss industry plays on that struggle to get PAID FROM THAT STRUGGLE. I wanted to share a few secrets to weight loss with you that gets lasting results.As always, if you  need help getting started or want greater results . I can create a customized meal/fitness plans for you that fits your lifestyle and YOUR BODY..

 Let them eat salad

Having salad is beneficial for your body because it has vitamins and minerals. However, just having salad lacks the macros needed for effective weight loss such as protein and fat. As a result, eating salads all day will not be enough to keep you feeling satisfied and full of energy. In fact, you may feel lethargic at best. Some people get headaches and cranky from lack of nutrients all day.

Run, run - as fast as you can

One of most popular forms of exercise to “run to” for weight loss is CARDIO. Cardio is an extraordinary way to burn calories and strengthen your heart; but you need to do more than run on the treadmill to get the results you want. You need to have a fitness plan so that you know what you are doing- to prevent mindless workouts ...there is no point. As a matter of fact – too much cardio can be counter- productive because you are burning up  the muscle it takes to torch unwanted body fat.

Ye of Little Plates
In order to lose weight - you HAVE GOT TO EAT.  Eating is like code for your computer. Code is a language you use to communicate to your computer to tell it how  a website should look. In the same way, food is the language that speaks to your body to tell it how to look. If your nutrition is not where it should be- you will never get the results you want to see. A sensible meal plan will help you get lasting results and feel more confident.


Body fat is a necessity for human life -it serves as insulation for us to keep warm; and also helps to regulate hormone levels. Eating healthy fat helps to burn body fat NATURALLY. Foods like olive oil, avocado, and fish not only help you get leaner, but  is also healthy for your heart as well. Even if you have high cholesterol- studies show that these foods can improve your cholesterol.

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