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Okay, thank the Lord we made it to Spring. Whew...the warmer weather, beautiful bright and cheery colors , and longer days just make me want to embrace life all the more. However,this is when many of us come out of hiding , only to realize that we put on some winter -weight.. I thought it was  only fitting that I share with you 5 common things many people do that hinder their weight loss.

1. Counting Calories 

Counting calories, is a great way to understand out your daily expenditure, or food intake. However, reaching your fitness goals- goes a  LOT DEEPER THAN JUST COUNTING CALORIES. Understanding your body composition and basal metabolic rate also has a lot more to do with you attaining  your fitness goals that just tallying up the caloric points for the day.

2. Cardio, Cardio, Cardio and More Cardio

Cardio is a way great to torch through layers of body fat, but cardio is only a piece of the "fitness pie." Cardio is not going to give shape to the body. As a matter of fact, ever notice the cellulite on the back of the thighs, that is from the absence of muscle and the skin is dimpling  as a result of nothing taking up the space. It's like blowing up a balloon, then deflating it - you see the dimples.

3. Got Weight

Lifting weight helps to add tone and shape to the body.When don't correctly, It does not make you bulky. I lift on a weekly basis and has never made me bulky. In my years of coaching, I noticed how many  women skimp on the weights and jump on the treadmill.This is why the "calories in, calories out" is deceptive.Here's why... we know that men naturally have more muscle, right? This is why losing weight is usually easier for them. This means that if we have less muscle ( naturally), then too much cardio is burning up the fat- burning power that we have. Go lift some weight ladies.

4. Community
 Lack of support leaves you  with lack of results Some of the wealthiest people in the world have mentors and coaches. This is the "secret sauce" to  getting to a place you want to be. Support and accountability is what keeps you going when you don't feel like it. Proper support helps you to connect with like- minded people who inspire and push up outside of your comfort zone.Join my B-Fit community for the support you need to reach your fitness goal.

So there you have it. I hope this helps you. if you need help getting started contact me today, to set up a  Complimentary Discovery Session with me. together , we can  achieve your fitness goal. Connect with me on Facebook and share with me what you are doing to get/ stay fit. I'd love to ehar from you.

Until next time...Blessings


  1. Good article. I'm guilty of counting calories and the endless cycle of cardio.


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